Friday, June 24, 2011

Say Yeah! - Practice Update 6/15

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Big Dig Scholarship

“A new cycle begins this day. A new cycle begins every day. Indeed, every moment. So if you recognize anything on this day, recognize what it symbolizes: The miracle of the endlessly continuing Cycle of Life.” –Tarapin

If I was going to go out to my backyard and bury something that would end financial worries for a generation 200 years into the future, then I would place the most precious item I own into the ground. In unearthing my time capsule my great-great-great-grandchild(ren) may be perplexed by my decision, however, hopefully it would become clear that in this idem carries all of my hopes and dreams for my future and perhaps theirs as well.

The item I would bury is my very first adult-sized hula hoop.

Hula hooping (and hoop dancing) is not just an activity for children on a playground. The hobby can be seen in a variety of events including; music festivals, parks, dance recitals and fitness centers. The fun and relatively easy physical activity of hooping comes with many health benefits through a variety of exercises, tricks and dance-moves, including; core-strengthening and a cardiovascular workout. These “workouts” enhance stamina and motor skills as well as strengthen the posture points in your back, legs, arms and hips.

Hoop dance makes for amazing connections within the community. It elicits smiles from strangers in a synchronistic full circle connection. It is a beautiful artistic dance that allows one to tap into the rhythm of the soul. By moving in alignment with the hoop, one stretches and tones every muscle and joint in the body, it brings circulation and energy to the internal organs, balances the nervous systems and improves absorption of nutrients.

I first stepped into the sacred circle in 2009, when I received my first hoop for Christmas. It was purchased at a local shop called Sweet Potato Pie in my hometown; Eugene, Oregon. It cost $45.

Hula hoops range from plastic (commonly seen in children toys), aluminum (circus tools), PVC pipes (homemade hobby hoops), and even hoops made for LED/light performance and fire dancing (there is even the Cyr Wheel). There are many online shops, holiday markets, Saturday Markets, department stores and people who sell hula hoops (you can even make your own!)—and, with so many different places to buy hoops and so many different kinds of hoops it is an affordable hobby (prices range from $5 to $300) for anybody and a potential avenue for financial gain.

The reason I feel my first hula hoop will have value two hundred years into the future is because of the hula hoops rich historical value. The history of the hula hoop dates back to the Greek and the Egyptians Civilizations in 3,000 B.C., some American Indians, such as the Lakota Indians, evolved the hoop dance and even used hoops for target practice. And, there are many similarities in movements when it comes to Hoop dance and the Hula dances of Hawaii. With Egyptian, Native American and Hawaiian origins, hula hooping is both culturally and physically stimulating.

Moreover, hoop dance is my tool for alchemy, transformation of self-acceptance, and it helps me find my joy of just being. It is my current goal to earn my livelihood through hula hooping and hoop dance.

I am currently studying at Salt Lake Community College in the hopes to transfer to the University of Utah so I can receive my bachelors in Health Promotion and Education. I want to perform and teach others about the joy I feel in my body when I pick up my hula hoop. I know that my passion matched with the solid foundation I am building through retaining my upper education I can reach my goals of becoming a Hula Hoop Dance Instructor. And, in that knowledge, I want future generations to have the same opportunities as me, that is why I would bury my beginners’ hoop.

The Hula Hoop: an amazing tool and toy-- a gift that generations to come are sure to enjoy as well.