Sunday, April 14, 2013

April's Goals

On April 8, 2013 I made a status update that said:
"Being home makes me realize how lucky I am to no longer be stuck in a body that doesn't allow me to do the things I want to. I think of last year and how devastated I was when I was told I couldn't hold Jess' kids anymore (I was having muscle spasms in my back pretty frequently, and it was debilitating), and how heart-broken I was when I was told three separate times in the ER that I shouldn't hula hoop anymore. 

Yesterday I picked up my 17-year-old brother while we were rough-housing (who is taller than me. I know the idea of Andrew being taller than me is probably freaky weird for those of you who know Drew). Stormy always tells me that she has always thought of my strength as being like Crater Lake-- she has no idea how deep it is, but she knows it's deep. And, that's probably my favorite thing about off the scale victories...hula hooping taught me to love my body, and my journey towards health (especially in this last year) has taught me how strong I am.

Which, I think, is pretty kick-ass." 

It's amazing how in only a few days how differently I feel from that original status update. I did really well nutritionally while I was in Oregon-- I ate some gluten, but I maintain eating pretty healthy, and I worked out. I've been having a hard time since I've been back in SLC.

I am always amazed by how quickly, and easy it is to fall back into old habits; ie, emotional eating, and how that begets poor decision making.

I am recommitting myself to making healthier life decisions. I am back to focusing on PlankADay, working out, hula hooping, 100 oz of water a day, keeping my emotional eating in check (I've been falling victim of emotional eating since I've been back in SLC and I feel it's important to steer away from that habit as much as possible), not just logging into MyFitnessPal, but actually logging my food everyday, smiling, hugging the children, and making good choices for me. I know what works, and choosing hoopiness is a hellva lot easier than choosing to be go back to bad habits. 

There is this fear in me of slipping so far back in my bad decision making that I undo all of the good work I do. This fear is making me feel very scale obsessed so, as part of my goal making for April I've decided not to step on a scale until May. I am going to focus on my monthly goals, working out, and MFP and reset my mind and give myself a break from worrying about the scale.

For the month of April I want to try and refocus on getting miles down-- I have really moved away from C25K training, and cardio. I want to combine strength training and my cardio work. I want to focus on my over all well being including keeping up on hygiene, and making sure I am dressing well. I want to work on putting out as much love as I can, and openly accepting it back. For the month of April I am going to work on communication, and asking for help. These are will be my goals...

April 2013 Goals:
1 hour of Hooping a week

Post in KUWS once a week
Buy a bike for May (Bike Month)
Start training for Color Me Rad 5K (Try and get 100 miles in by May 15th)
Work on Flexibility 
8 hours of sleep a day
Don't have a weigh in until Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Strength training with stability ball and resistance band

Log food into MyFitnessPal

Anyways, today is Sunday, and I am looking forward to kicking off this week on a good note (I did over indulge in some Chuck-A-Rama earlier, but I made sure to make healthier choices while out and about, and I didn't eat gluten).

Wish me luck  on this month! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I make this look good

Hula hooping on the footbridge above the Willamette River between Valley River Center and River Road in Eugene, Oregon on Monday, April 8, 2013.