Tuesday, January 10, 2017

If Midwifery Had a Gothic Little Sister It'd Be Caregiving, and The Rainman of Vaginas

   "When somebody does something unforgivable there is only one thing to do: forgive them.
   We need to exit any interaction that is toxic, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. That means we don't volunteer to carry around hate. 
   Wishing someone ill-- hoping that they get what's coming to them, wanting them to suffer, because of what they did...we think that thinking this way makes us feel better, and lighter, but it makes us feel worse, and heavier-- weighed down by the bitterness in our hearts. 
   We think we are making the OTHER person suffer by not forgiving them...that they would feel bad all the way to their grave. 
   But, it is not possible to impose conscience onto a person. When we don't forgive it just means we are the only one who STILL cares.
   Forgiveness is the key to truly ending our own suffering.
   If you've already suffered once, because of someone else's actions not forgiving them is suffering twice or a million times. Because even if you don't see the person anymore, even if time has passed, you'll still feel the pain every time you think of the person, or the incident.
   When someone has wronged you think of how much they must be suffering; to say these things. to do these things. Only someone truly unhappy would BE like that to another human being. Every hurt they inflict, every temper they throw out, every abuse they mete out-- it's because of their own inability to be happy.
   The best thing for us is to NOT be like them. It's to live a happy life.
   Maybe they've left physical scars, but don't allow them to leave emotional scars too. Forgiveness is hard, but only if we think of it as a sacrifice to our pride. or justice. Forgiveness is simply letting go.
   We forgive to let go.
   Letting go is never for the person who has wronged us it's for ourselves.
   Letting go of hate, is the best gift we can ever give ourselves. You've already suffered, now don't continue to suffer.
   Forgive, let go...and allow yourself to move forward in life, and to be happy, always."