Monday, July 25, 2016

As You Start & End Your Day, Be Thankful For Every Little Thing In Your Life. You Will Come to Realize How Blessed You Truly Are.

Things have been going quite well. 

My reasoning why I haven't posted a lot of these random pieces I've written, or started is simple; I am busy loving life.

I work from home, caring for Kyran and Kesey-- my friends', Tony (and Sandy) and Theya (and Steve's) 8 and 11 year old children, and I also have Juliet quite often, my friends' 3 year old daughter. It has been a wonderful summer learning so much about these three neat little people, and amongst the learning there is a lot of playing, planning, giggling, yelling, heads knocking about, and all other matters of random summer time kid fun.

We rent a small home from my friend's dad-- he is the kids I watch grandfather, cheaply, and that, by far, has been the biggest blessing. We don't have family nearby, however having my close friend live next door, having her father's help, having children around-- are all things that have helped steady us as we've started back out here in Oregon.

We couldn't be happier being back in our home state.

However, now that it is the end of July, and the kids will be starting school in a little over a month, it is time to start planning our next move. And, honestly, we are thinking of moving to Florence, Oregon-- a small coastal town, about 47 miles West from my hometown, surrounded by water, fog, rain, deep greens, and grays that stick to your bones.

We like the idea of a small town. We like the idea of still being close to our friends. We aren't positive when Bradford will start school, and there is seemingly cheaper housing. I was offered a position at a residential living for the elderly and if the position will be available once I am finished with my summer position I will take the opportunity.

We do have a few immediate concerns-- we are both looking for future employment, we are currently living pay check to pay check (hey, that's sometimes life), we need to fix the brakes on our car, I need to renew my license, and our rental agreement is up come mid-September.

So, things are by no means perfect, but we are happy, healthy, I am hooping, and we love it here ten folds more than Utah, and bask in it's pure superiority daily. And, though life carries on; pregnancy, cancer, births, deaths, weddings, fair-time (lol), kiddos, little stressers, blah, blah, blah-- we can't help feeling so, so grateful.

Our home is Oregon, and now we just need to find me, Bradford, Schrodinger, and Gabriel a place to set roots, and it is so, so comforting to have a plan. 

Also, I recently have started taping again, I have stepped up my practice, and I am slowly but surely trying to start teaching (again). It feels amazing, but I also have a lot of anxiety surrounding my hoop aspirations. I am kinda hoping to be that quirky, coastal lady-- with a cute little garden, with a rickety little fence surrounding it, two cats, wind chimes, and selling and dancing with hula hoops at the little Farmer's Market in Old Town. 

I have always wanted to have a little Restaurant on the coast. I am not saying that's in the offing tomorrow, but I do see myself finding joy, adventure, and a life in Florence. I see myself hooping, cooking, reading and writing-- finding my creativity in storms, working hard, and maybe even finding some solace and time to recuperate, heal, and dance. <3

"They say to dance like nobody is watching. I think that implies that we are afraid or ashamed to dance in front of the people. I say dance like everybody is watching. Dance like your children are watching, your ancestors, your family. Dance for those who are hurting, those who can't dance, those who lost loved ones and those who suffer injustices throughout the world. Let every step be a prayer for humanity! Most of all dance for the Creator, who breathed into your soul so you may celebrate this gift of life!" -- Supaman

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